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Bakso Rush

Do you know about Bakso? Bakso is one of Indonesia's popular street food. The seller uses a "gerobak" (Food stall/Food cart) while searching for customers.
Bakso Rush invites you to develop your own Bakso business while exploring new locations to bring more customers.
Let's go sell bakso and try to meet customer's bakso preferences!

Never sold bakso before? Bakso Rush will guide you!

You will play as the Bakso seller and you can:
+ Sell bakso with gerobak
+ Earn money to develop your business
+ Use booster to increase customer satisfaction
+ Meet many customers with different preferences
+ Connect with your friends using Facebook leaderboard

Download now at:
Bakso Rush Play Store

Jungle Fellow

Play the most addictive bubble shooter game for FREE with Indonesian cute animal, pop the match 3 color bubble. Try to complete every stage and save the babies! Jungle Fellow can be played online and offline for FREE! 

Compete with your facebook friends or family to see who can reach the highest score for every stages! Use your own strategy to solve the bubble puzzle and get the high score. Form the best strategy to clear all bubble layout, aim, shoot, and pop all the bubbles! 

+ Cute animal game and fun bubble shooter gameplay
+ Many eye-catching areas of the exotic Jungle
+ Multiple bubble shooter game modes for more variety
+ 100 levels with many fun challenges
+ Facebook connectivity for leaderboard to play with friends and family

Download now at:
Jungle Fellow Play Store

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